9 Months

August 17, 2010


Dear Nicholas,

Holy moly, you’re crawling.  When I last wrote you were moving from sitting to all fours.  By the end of that week you were crawling everywhere!  What a huge difference!  We can’t let you out of our sight for a second because now that you’re in charge, you’re everywhere.  We’ve put two kinds of child proof outlet covers on all of the outlets, because they’re just about the most exciting thing to you and that scares us to death!  You also love going to the screen door and trying to push your way through it and crawling under the table and bonking your head.  There are so many things to get into now that you can move around!

The other change about you being mobile is that you can come to us.  My favorite birthday present was the first time you crawled through the house to come find me and give me a hug, which happened to be the morning of my birthday.  I remember hearing your little hands slapping on the floor and then you came around the corner and caught sight of me and started smiling like a light bulb.  Then you crawled as fast as you could down the hallway and ended up at my feet for a hug.  It was the best birthday present I could possibly imagine!

You also started pulling up this month.  Daddy, Grandma Cheryl and I happened to be in your room the first time you pulled up in your crib.  You looked so surprised and proud of yourself.  We were proud of you too.  Now you’re an expert and can pull yourself up anywhere.  Now that you can pull up, we had to take down the mobile in your crib but we left the music box.  Just the other day you realized you can pull yourself up in your crib and turn your music box on.  It’s so cute when we suddenly hear music playing through the monitor – I can’t believe you can do these things yourself now!  What a big boy!

It’s so much fun watching you try to figure out the world.  You’re even more curious now that you can move around.  You’ll pick a project, whether it’s hanging things from a curtain rod or tentatively starting to cruise along the furniture and you are so focused on it until you master it.  You approach it from all kinds of angles, test your theories and then practice it over and over.  How cool to watch you tackle these new tricks!  You’re such a smart cookie!



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