8 Months

July 17, 2010

Dear Nicholas,

Well my little buddy, I think our lives are about to change again, because it seems to me like you are on the very edge of mobility.  Just this week you started practicing going from sitting to your hands and knees.  Once you’re there you go straight to rolling and I can definitely see that you’re making the connection between where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.  Yikes.  

You’re definitely figuring out that it’s fun to have an opinion.  You love playing with your toy basket this month, more than you like playing with your toys.  When you play with the toy basket there are so many toys to choose from and you have a blast making the decision of which toy to pull out.  Of course, as soon as you have one it’s no use to you anymore and you move on to the next decision.  I guess it’s the process that you enjoy instead of the end result.  You are also a busy little bee practicing your consonants.  You’ve tried quite a few consonants by now and you love to say dada but you haven’t really tried mama yet – not that you know those sounds mean daddy and mommy yet, but I am still anxiously waiting to hear you try!  I mean, I know you love your daddy and all, but I’m at least a close second and I’d like to think I might even be tied for first. 

We tried lots of new activities this month, including biking and going underwater at the pool.  The first time you went underwater you were not so pleased.  You didn’t cry, but you grabbed on to daddy’s neck as soon as you were back up and scrambled all the way out of the water onto his shoulders.  I was ready to quit right then, but luckily daddy convinced both of us to do it one more time before we went home and that time you thought it wasn’t so bad!  It’s gotten easier and easier every time since then and by now you are a pro.  You love when we pull you around on your stomach in the pool.  Sometimes we prop you up on a kick board to tow you around and you kick your little heart out and smile ear to ear.  Now biking is another story.  You were ok for about 10 minutes on our first bike ride and then suddenly you spooked for no apparent reason and started crying inconsolably.  You were not a happy camper again until we had you off that bike.  The second bike ride you did much better, but you still weren’t comfortable enough to look around and enjoy the scenery.  Instead you sat in your seat on the back of dad’s bike and stared at my bike.  I could swear you were trying to figure out how that thing worked, but more likely you were just mesmerized by the spokes going around and around.  We will try again and I’m sure you’ll warm up to it soon enough!  There are so many fun things for us to try! 

Hugs and kisses,


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