7 Months

June 17, 2010

Dear Nicholas,

Well, my sweet boy…you sure have learned a lot of new tricks this month!  At the beginning of this month you were only rolling over from front to back occasionally, and only when you thought we weren’t looking.  Now you roll all around all day long (only in one direction though!).  You haven’t figured out to put your arm above your head when you roll from front to back, so you start out with your arm perpendicular to your body and then you roll right over it.  It looks so painful, like you’re going to twist it right off, but you never complain.  You also started sitting this month, and you couldn’t be more proud!  But my favorite trick was that you started sleeping through the night almost every night this month!

You are turning into a little dare devil.  You love being tossed in the air or flipped upside down.  We always count “1, 2, 3…” before we do your tricks and by the time we get to “3” you always have a giant smile on your face.  You also crack up every time your daddy plays “boop boop”, which just consists of saying “boop” and touching your nose.  It’s amazing how you bring the simple pleasures into perspective.  Our very favorite new trick this month is your head wiggle.  It always seems like you’re doing it just to make us laugh.  The best is when you get going in the bathtub wiggling your whole body – you can get some serious waves going! 

You insist on being in charge this month.  You love choosing your toys from your toy bin almost more than you love actually playing with them.  You love grabbing me by the reins (aka. my hair) and pulling me around.  You love feeding yourself just so that you can pull the bottle out of your mouth and then stick it back in, all the while looking at us with this look that says, “see, I can do this all by myself”.  You have plenty of days when you grudgingly eat your bottle but go to town on your big boy food.  You haven’t found a big boy food that you don’t like, except maybe plain rice cereal (and I don’t blame you on that one!).  You love the kitty, and I can tell you’re going to be all about making Hugo’s life miserable once you can crawl.  You’re so into the kitty that we can’t let him around when you’re eating or you get so distracted you don’t eat a thing. 

Nicky, the sound track that has been running through my head this month is “is there anything better than…” and it’s always followed by “Nicky kissing me?” or “Nicky screaming with joy?” or “Nicky bouncing in his exersaucer?” or you name it.  Pretty much everything you do seems to be the best thing in the world to me. 

I love you,


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