6 Months

May 17, 2010

Dear Nicholas,

Wow – half a year old!  I can’t believe you’re such a big boy!  You are really starting to get into this whole being in the world thing.  You’re getting so curious about everything around you and you’re constantly reaching for anything you can get your hands on, including all kinds of stuff that is not really meant for grabbing – coffee cups, the kitty, my hair, you name it.  You love grabbing my hair and pulling me in close for a nice big hug and kiss (aka slobbering all over my face) – I love it!  You’re getting stronger every day and between the crunches and the pushups you’re always doing, I’m expecting to see bulging muscles any day now!  You’re so close to sitting up on your own and you think it’s a hoot to sit propped up with a pillow to play with your toys.  You love having a new perspective on the world. 

At the beginning of this month you started day care.  I was so nervous about leaving you with them.  I thought you would be so sad and lonely.  Not so!  You have made so many little friends at day care and you always have such a big smile when you see Miss Theresa in the morning.  The downside to day care is that with all your new friends touching you in the face to show their affection you’re constantly sick – poor little monkey.  On the other hand, they’ve done some type of magic trick and now you’re a champion napper!  So in the end, I think it is all working out for the best even though I miss you like crazy during the day. 

One of our favorite things to do together this month is eat.  You have really discovered how much you love big boy food.  So far you tolerate rice cereal and green beans, but you LOVE oatmeal, sweet potatoes and carrots.  You grab the edge of your high chair and pull yourself forward to get at the food faster and you barely give yourself time to swallow before you open your mouth up like a little bird for your next bite.  When it comes to your bottle you can hold it all by yourself, which just amazes me.  How can you be big enough to feed yourself already?? 

You continue to be the biggest flirt.  Whenever we’re out, you’re constantly making googly eyes and smiling at anybody who looks your way.  It just makes your day when your little flirtations convince some stranger to smile back at you.  I love it too because once they smile at you they invariably tell me that you’re adorable, and what mom doesn’t love to hear that!  But you don’t just flirt with strangers…whenever your see either daddy or me walk into the room you just freak out with happiness.  I can’t tell you how happy that makes us every time.  You brighten up every day with your sparkling eyes and giant smile.  I’m so glad you’re here! 

I love you,


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