5 Months

April 17, 2010

Dear Nicholas,

Every month just keeps getting better!  We had so much fun together this month.  Your favorite game is to get tickled and snarfled on your neck and your tummy.  You always squeal with joy when we do that and sometimes we can even get a little laugh going.  You can imagine how often we tickle you, hoping to hear you laugh.  Another little noise that I love is you blowing bubbles.  You do this when you’re having a particularly good time, usually accompanied by a long string of drool.  You’ve been working on getting your bottom two teeth for the past couple of weeks and the drool is part of the territory.  When your little gums are bothering you, you love to suck on your lower lip or as many fingers as you can stick in your mouth.  I have to confess, I’m looking forward to these little teeth making an appearance, because they’re making you cranky! 

One of your fun discoveries this month has been your feet.  Now that you know they’re there you always have something to play with.  You just lie on your back and launch those little legs up in the air and then you can have hours of entertainment trying to pinch your big toe.  Your fine motor skills are getting so advanced.  You’ve been working on grabbing things with your thumb and first finger.  I love watching that…it’s amazing that you can discover and teach yourself something so useful!  I love thinking of all the ways you’re going to use that skill: writing, tying your shoes, zipping zippers, picking up worms in the garden, pinching your eventual little brother or sister…you name it. 

Your dad and I are convinced you are planning to go straight to walking.  You seem like you’d gladly trade all the milestones between now and walking (rolling from front to back, sitting, scooting, crawling, etc) just for a chance to take one step on your own right now.  Whenever you’re sitting you arch your little back and push off with your feet in the hopes that somehow you can get yourself upright.  Forget trying to pull you onto my lap to cuddle…you’ll only cuddle with me if you’re standing on the ground and using me for support.  You love your jumper and your exersaucer, but even those don’t seem independent enough for you.  Even when we carry you around, you like to be facing out so that you can see the world from a standing vantage point.  You’re obviously the kind of boy who is ready to get out there exploring on your own.  I think we’re going to have our hands full once you become mobile. 

This month was our last month together at home.  Starting on your 5 month birthday I’ll be back at work and you’ll be at daycare.  I’m so nervous about this big change, and I keep wondering whether you’ll feel neglected at daycare, and whether they’ll read to you and help you stand and do all the things I would do for you.  I know they won’t be able to do it all, and maybe that will be good for you.  Maybe you’ll learn to be more independent because of it.  I know this much though: I will miss you so much while I’m at work and will speed home as fast as I can every day to get to be with you. 



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