45 Months

August 17, 2013

Dear Nicky,

What a FUN three months we have had. You have had some of your very best behavior over the last three months. I swear, you’re a different kid! It hasn’t all been smooth sailing – we had a full two weeks of sickness earlier this month and the recovery was pretty tough. You were pretty annoyed that getting better meant you couldn’t sit at home all day watching movies on the iPad and drinking chocolate milk. But after a couple days of transition (read: screaming and crying and back talking in protest all day long) you finally bounced back and are now the cheerful, helpful, patient, good-listening (yeah, that’s a word…) 3 and a half year old that you were before you were sick. You’re still having a hard time being good at school but you’re getting so much better at controlling some of your impulses in smaller and shorter play date settings.

One of my favorite things about you at this age is the funny things that come out of your mouth! Writing them down never captures how adorable and earnest and crazy your pronouncements are so you’re just going to have to trust me, but you’re constantly cracking me up. I would love to get a camera in the car to constantly record you in the back. As soon as you see a camera pointing at you, you clam right up, so a surreptitious spy camera would be perfect.

One of your favorite things this summer has been our trips to the beach. You love playing around in the waves and digging in the sand and looking for starfish and flying a kite and all the other fun things there are to be done at the beach. You still love swimming but have kind of reached a plateau since we took you out of swim lessons. We still try to go every weekend, but you’re too distracted without the structure of a lesson to really push yourself. You’re such a strong willed little guy that I’m not sure when you’ll come back around and want to try swim lessons again, but I’m hoping it’s soon! 

Earlier this summer we kicked off our tour of weddings with a trip to Denver for Aunt Emily and Uncle Shawn’s wedding. You were sick as a dog so you didn’t enjoy it as much as you could have, but you loved seeing your aunties and uncles and grandma Cereal and grandpa Sam. Last week you were a ring bearer in Aunt Michelle and Uncle Todd’s wedding. You definitely had your energy back for that one and you partied and danced like a rock star late into the night. In just a couple weeks we’ll head to Uncle Andrew and Aunt Liz’s wedding and then Uncle Nick and Aunt Jen will be getting married next year!

Love is in the air, and I’m so glad you are here to help all of your aunties and uncles celebrate their weddings. You are always so full of energy and spunk, and we never have a dull moment when you’re around. Love you!

Love, mommy

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