4 Months

March 17, 2010

Dear Nicholas,

What a difference a month has made.  At the beginning of the month I was broken from sleep deprivation.  You were cranky all the time from not getting enough sleep too.  We spent the month battling through the 45 minute naps, but you’re getting some better naps these days now that you can suck your thumb and sooth yourself back to sleep.  If that doesn’t work, we always have the swing.  You love your swing, and so do I because it helps you sleep!  We’re also battling through the ridiculous number of times you’ve started to wake in the night, but as we’re fixing your naps, the night waking is also fixing itself.  Now that we’re both better rested, we have plenty of energy to enjoy each other, and that is what we do all day long. 

Sweet boy, you are getting to be so much fun.  Every day you are getting more interactive and alert.  You smile all the time and have even started to laugh every once in a while.  Your dad and I get such a kick out of making you smile.  You’re still such a daddy’s boy – all he has to say is “Hi Nicky” and you go into fits of happiness.  You also love other little babies.  You and your friend Kellen spent the weekend together in Tahoe and you just loved each other.  You couldn’t take your eyes off your new idol and you were over the moon every time he gave you a hug.  You’ve started noticing the other babies in your playgroup, which is a good thing because the “play” in playgroup is an essential cover up for the mommies to get together once in a while. 

You have so many admirers, little boy.  We went to Arizona for a week and you were like one big magnet for all kinds of family to get together.  We got to see your great grandma Dot, your great aunt Jan and uncle Gary, grandma Car Car, grandpa Sam, grandma Cheryl and Aunt Emily.  It was so much fun!  And then we came home for a weekend with Uncle Andrew and Uncle Coleman!  You’ve now officially met all of your direct family, but there are still some great aunts and uncles and cousins (first cousin once removed??) that I want you to meet too.  You were born into a giant family and everyone loves you so much.  What a lucky little boy!

You’re working so hard on rolling over.  You spend most of the time on your side with your fingers in your mouth.  You’re much more interested in rolling from side to side than you are in your toys right now – I think you’re just amazed that you have some control over your position and vantage point.  During the day this has been very fun for you, but at night you keep waking yourself up by rolling on your side.  It’s made for some long nights, but pretty soon you’ll start to get more control over this and we’ll all be able to sleep a little more soundly. 

This month has been all about exploring things with your mouth.  Now that you’re accomplished at grabbing toys the first thing you do with them is stick them in your mouth to check them out.  Everything is covered in spit.  I’m amazed the skin on your hands can stand up to so much saliva.  We’ve started taking a bath every night before bed, which is so much fun.  You just LOVE the bath.  Splashing around is one of your favorite activities.  You get your whole little body into it and get such a happy, surprised look in your eyes every time you make a splash (which is pretty much the whole time we’re in the bath).  It’s a great way to tire you out before bed too! 

Little Nicky, it is unbelievable how much we love you.  You make every day so much fun and we feel so lucky to know you!



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