33 Months

August 17. 2012

Dear Nicky,

Almost three…can you believe it? I’m amazed at what a big boy you’re turning into. You are a little sponge and are collecting all kinds of facts and new words. You are constantly amazing me with the things you are picking up. Just today you were upset that baby was mouthing one of your toys. When she gave it back to you, you said “I don’t want that, it has germs.” Where did you learn that? A couple hundred years ago nobody even knew there were tiny germs everywhere, but here you are just two years old and already a connoisseur of germs. You love hearing the same books over and over until you’ve practically memorized the story and can “read” along with us. You love counting and finding letters and trying to write and you are obsessed with matching things, whether it’s matching the fish at the aquarium with their pictures on the information placards or people with their pictures. You love “mucus” (music), especially Bob Marley. We practically can’t listen to talk radio in the car anymore because you are constantly picking up words you recognize and saying “her said President Obama!”, “the man said California!”, “he said lessons!”. As soon as I’ve acknowledged whatever word you’re calling to my attention you start hooting about another one so forget listening to whatever they’re actually trying to say on the radio. You cracked me up the other day when you turned to me and said, “I want to go to the P-R-K.” You missed a letter, but it’s pretty clear you’re picking up on mommy and daddy’s secret language!

You’re working hard to be a big boy, but are also building your independence and learning how to control your emotions. Our days have such highs and lows as we go through your little emotional cycles. We’re working very hard at using your words when you’re frustrated instead of immediately pitching a fit.  It’s a hard age for both of us when things aren’t going well, but it can be so good when things are going well. You’re always full of silly stories and jokes, you sing songs all the time, you love riding your scooter in the skate park, and playing cars and trains and Duplos. You’re getting much more comfortable swimming and are starting to dip your head in the water or lay on your back comfortably. It kills me to see how independent you are when you’re scooting around or playing at the playground – you almost don’t need me around at all anymore! You are completely at ease with strangers and are always sharing things with random people, like “I have a lollipop!” or “I’m on top of the slide!”. You love announcing “my baby Caferine is here!” to anybody nearby.

Right now we are driving back from our trip to Oregon for uncle Coleman and aunt Sheeva’s wedding. You LOVED the attention from all of the extended family and friends. You shine in the middle of a crowded room and generally demand everyone’s attention as you perform. We did so many fun things on our trip. You loved Coleman and Sheeva’s “big party” (aka wedding). You had so much fun playing with your cousin, Oscar, at the wedding, feasting on delicious food, drinking your first Shirley temple and dancing. We went on a fun train ride and ate snow cones at the Oregon Zoo, we went on bike rides and hikes and played at playgrounds and swimming pools. You liked staying up late with mommy and daddy but weren’t such a fan of sleeping in strange houses. You had fun playing make believe with your great grandma and making up little songs to sing. I loved getting to spend so much time with you on our vacation and am so sad to have to go back home and back to school and work. Even with your two year old emotional roller coasters, you are such a joy to be around.

I love you!

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