3 Months

February 17, 2010


Dear Nicholas,

I can’t believe that you’ve been in this world for 90 days.  It feels like you’ve always been here, so the fact that you haven’t even reached double digit days is shocking.  At the same time, we’re already three months in, and time is flying so fast!  I can’t believe how many clothes I’ve already had to pack away because you’ve outgrown them.  I wish you would slow down just a bit so we could make this last a little longer.  Before I know it you’re going to be a little boy, running around and talking!

This month was a month of many firsts.  You went to your first basketball game and your first playgroups.  You also got your first ear infection and first big vaccinations.  These firsts were obviously not very fun and made for a tough first half of the month.  You powered through though and I think by this point you’ve forgiven me.  Luckily, grandma and granddad were here to distract you and spoil you because otherwise you might have decided it was time for all out revolt. 

You are turning into such a determined little boy.  You are resolved to grow up quickly and are so focused on all the things that will make you independent and mobile.  I think you could happily spend every waking minute practicing standing (assisted, of course) until you could finally do it on your own.  Lying down and playing in your activity center is so last month.  You’re also working so hard at your hand eye coordination and grasping — once you get a toy in hand now you hold on to it like glue.    

The other major task you’ve set yourself is to be able to put your pacifier back into your mouth by yourself when it falls out.  I am anxiously waiting for this development as it will hopefully help you fall back asleep by yourself.  Sometimes you use the back of your hand to push your paci toward your mouth but you’ve also devised an ingenious technique of holding your forehead when you’re sleeping so that your arm can keep the pacifier from falling out.  Pretty smart!

You’ve added all kinds of vocalizations to your repertoire this month and listening to you talking is one of my favorite things.  You especially love having “conversations” with me and daddy, but you’ll also spend lots of time telling your mobile how much you love it if there isn’t anyone else to talk to.  Your happy noises are so sweet and always brighten my days. 

I can’t believe how much you’ve learned and changed since you were born!  What a big boy you are now!  I can’t wait to see what the next month will bring.



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