28 Months

March 17, 2012

Dear Nicky,

This month has whizzed by. Mommy went back to work and now we feel like we’re running all the time. We still try to focus on having lots of fun family time on the weekends, but there are so many errands and chores to fit in those two days that it’s hard to keep it all fun. We started swim lessons this month. You were a rock star the first time, then you were very nervous the second time and by the third lesson you were screaming. We’re regressing. Hopefully we can make it fun again soon!

One of your favorite activities this month has been working on puzzles. We’re working on 24 and 48 piece puzzles now. Once you’ve gone through them a couple times with help you start to whiz through them on your own. It’s really very impressive! The local high school is doing some construction work so another of our daily activities is to stop on the way home from school and look at the diggers. You’d think you’d died and gone to little boy heaven with all the heavy machinery around. Every day we have the conversation of whether we have time to stop and check them out, and on the days when we decide not to stop you’ve started saying that we’ll stop tomorrow. This understanding of the future is a pretty big new concept that you’ve developed, and it’s been very helpful on the days when mommy’s too tired to stop to look at the diggers.

Your language continues to grow exponentially. You’re working on the concept of a “favorite”. These days if we ask you if you like something you almost always say, “that’s my favorite”. Your pronunciation is still sometimes garbled. Some of my favorite mispronunciations are “noke” (milk), “chicken” (kitchen), “mucus” (music), “right back” (woke up), and “ha-coh-lur” (helicopter). Your imaginative play continues to develop and you often narrate little nonsense stories while you play. One of your biggest developments over the past few months has been your ability to sit still and entertain yourself when we go out to dinner. What a treat that is! Even if we’re going out to family type restaurants, it’s still nice to be out and be able to enjoy ourselves!

Well, there isn’t much time for letter writing these days so that’s all for today. I love you!


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