27 Months

February 17, 2012

Dear Nicky,

It seems like it must be so overwhelming to be a two year old. Your moods can change so fast. One minute you are as happy as can be and then the next you’re in full melt down mode over something as simple as not getting to open the microwave door. It must be exhausting. We try to help you avoid those meltdowns as best we can by making sure you get enough to eat and enough sleep, but other than that there’s not much to be done. There are occasional nights though that you’re able to keep everything in control and the night goes perfectly. I can’t tell you how proud it makes me to watch you on those nights. I know you’re working so hard at being a big boy and helping out and I love watching you succeed!

We made huge progress on your sleeping this month, after introducing a far too expensive, but totally life changing toddler alarm clock which turns yellow when mommy and daddy think it’s ok for you to get out of bed. You took to it immediately and we suddenly went from waking up at 5:15 to you sleeping until 6:30! Sometimes you still wake up before the alarm changes colors, but you’re pretty good about going back to sleep as soon as we point out that the clock still says it’s night time. You can’t know how good it feels to still be in bed on a Saturday morning at 6:30. This clock may be my favorite invention, ever.

You are learning so much these days. You suddenly know all your colors (made even more exciting because it was an essential development before we could introduce your alarm clock!), you’re counting amazingly well, and your starting to compile even more words that start with various letters. You still love to do puzzles and it is very fun watching you learn a new puzzle. The first time you put together a puzzle it might take a few minutes, then the second time you do it about twice and fast and then by the third or fourth time you just fly and put all the pieces exactly where they’re supposed to go right away. It is truly amazing!  You’re also sorting out how your individual identity works.  Right now you are pretty sure that you’re just “Nicky” and it cracks you up when I call you anything else.  You are constantly correcting me: “I’m not ‘sweetie’.  I’m not ‘baby boy’.  I’m not ‘Nicholas Porter Williams’.  I’m ‘Nicky’!” 

It’s so strange watching you try so hard to be independent, especially with the contrast of your totally dependent baby sister to compare you to. It still seems so odd to me when you’re on your scooter at the park and zoom away from me, faster than a speeding bullet. You’ve discovered the skateboard park and you love going up and down the ramps, totally comfortable with all the big kids weaving around you. I can’t believe you’re big enough to scoot out of my arms reach, or that you’re nearly old enough to hang out in a skateboard park. I’m embarrassed to say that you still use your pacifiers and have a bedtime and morning bottle. These habits are on our list of changes to usher you through and habits to break before you turn three. Part of me can’t understand why we haven’t just bitten the bullet and gotten rid of these props by now, but the other part of me secretly still loves them since they remind me that you are still just a little boy, even though you’re dead set on being grown up in so many other ways.

Love you!

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