25 Months

December 17, 2011

Dear Nicky,

Well, being two suits you, little boy.  This was hands down your best month yet.  We had so much fun.  Your talking has taken off exponentially.  Our days are full of non-stop commentary and questions and general chatter.  You say the cutest things!  You love telling us “I like that” and it’s fun to hear all the things you like.  You have such a big capacity for liking things: it doesn’t have to be big or unusual, it can be an ambulance backing up into a parking space, a man hole cover, a leaf on the ground, etc.  You’re also very sweet about checking up with everybody by asking “you ok mommy?”  Some of my favorite things you say come with a hand gesture.  You love pointing out things I pretend to have lost by saying “right there!” and pointing.  When you hear baby waking up you say “Baby crying?  I get it.  Right back!” and make a just a second gesture before you race off to her room.  Your sense of humor has really come online and you spent the month being a jokster.  You declare “tha’ funny” whenever you think something is particularly hilarious and you love calling me “silly mommy!”  You’re learning lots of rules but sometimes get a bit confused.  You often chastise inanimate objects and tell them “no hitting” when you bump up against them.  You also proudly announce “no touching, mommy” while you point to – and touch – whatever it is you’re not supposed to be touching.  Silly Nicky!

Your favorite pastime this month has been playing “cooking”.  Cooking is the first thing you do in the morning and the first thing you do when you get home from school. Every. Day.  God forbid we try to distract you with something else because “I very busy, mommy”.  To cook you put things into the microwave and take them out.  You often make a delicious pacifier soup that involves pretending to microwave your pacifiers in a bowl or cup and saying “tasty!”  You push the buttons a bit but haven’t turned on the microwave yet.  We’re hoping you lose interest before you figure out how to do that. 

The past couple of weeks have been full of Christmas preparations and you’re getting very excited.  We haven’t really talked about the present aspect of Christmas yet, but I’m sure you’ll like it even more once you realize that presents are involved.  For now, it’s all about the Christmas tree, the Advent calendar, Elf on a Shelf (which you’ve named “Shelf”…very clever), Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas cookies and Christmas lights.  We must have made a big deal about daddy putting up our Christmas lights because whenever you see Christmas lights you ask “daddy did it?”  We went to see Santa Claus and you were so excited to sit on his lap and tell him “ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!”  But it turns out you liked the theory of Santa Claus much more than the real deal, so we didn’t get a picture this year, maybe next year. 

I am so proud of what a good big brother you have been to your baby sister.  You are unfailingly sweet with her.  After a very quick adjustment period, you’ve been very understanding of the attention that she gets.  Most of the time you’ll even join in when we’re cooing at Kate and it’s obvious that you love her very much.  You’re very understanding of her limited capabilities and you bring her toys or things she might like.  When she’s lying on her play mat you love to lay down with her to look at her and talk to her.  You’re also very in tune with what she might need and often tell me “baby hungry” or “baby want happy chair” when she’s crying.  Such a sweet big brother. 

We’re so lucky to have you as our little boy!  Can’t wait to see what next month will bring.  

We love you a million billion!

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