21 Months

August 17, 2011

Dear little Nicky,

Well sweet boy, I wouldn’t have believed it a month ago, but you are even more fun and more adorable this month than you were last month. You are obsessed with trains, popsicles, forts, and playing on the bed. Our ultimate distraction for you this month has been to suggest playing with your puzzles. You love them and you’re so good at them. You’ve mastered all of the ones we own but you still get a kick out of doing them over and over. It’s so much fun watching you tackle a piece you’re having trouble with. The first couple times you’ll try to give it to me, then you’ll try it yourself a few times before asking me to help you, then next thing I know you’re doing it all by yourself! You’re a persistent little guy.

My other favorite thing that you made up this month is what I like to call “going to school”. When we go outside, you command me to sit down on one of the patio chairs, then you get in your toy car, look up at me and say “bye”. Then, you realize you need to kiss me good bye, so you get out of your car, close the car door and come over to give me a kiss. You say “bye” or “a yuv you” and head back to your car and pretend to drive away. A few minutes later we repeat the whole game. I’m saving all these kisses up for when you’re older and don’t want to kiss me good bye when you leave the house.

I have to admit that we’ve been a little busy this summer between doing fun things with you to enjoy the time we have left as a threesome and getting ready for your little sister’s arrival, so I’m actually writing this letter over a month late. Which is why it’s so sparse, but I promise to make up for it next month when a lot of the prep work for the baby is done and we can spend the month lavishing attention on you!

I love you so much.  You always brighten my day.

Love, Mommy

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