16 Months

March 17, 2011


This month has been fun! It definitely makes up for the last couple months, which to be honest with you, have been kind of hard. Since turning one you’ve been constantly on the move and perfecting your “spirited” personality. Our time has been full of temper tantrums, “no”, and insisting on going outside all the time – basically all the things you’ve been doing in the name of testing out your own independence. Over the past couple weeks you’ve finally given it a bit of a rest! You’ve pared your temper tantrums down to a manageable level, and we can usually distract you right before full meltdown mode, which is a relief. We know that this might only last a few weeks before we get back to regular toddler mode, so we’re enjoying it while we can.

Your language comprehension seems to have exploded this month, which is so cool. Even though you can’t respond yet, you’re definitely picking up on more of the things that we’re saying to you. You also surprised us by coming home from daycare with some sign language. We’ve tried sign language with you a couple times but it never seemed to stick. The ladies at daycare must know a couple tricks or two though because now you can sign “more” and “all done”. We didn’t know “all done” at first so we had no idea what you were trying to say with that one, but now we’re all on the same page.

You’ve suddenly gotten back into books and we spend most of our days reading every single book on your book shelf. Once you get hooked on a book you love to read it over and over and over. Your attention span is also starting to get longer so you can sit through picture books, which expands our options enormously. Compared to last month when we could barely get you to sit still for one book a day, this is great!

Well, you’re just waking up so we’re off to have more fun. Love you sweetie. Can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

Love, mommy

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