10 Months

September 17, 2010


Dear Nicholas,

My little man, you have developed in so many ways this month.  I won’t lie, not all of your developments have been fun.  You are definitely growing into a little boy with a mind of his own!  We’ve had our challenges with your sudden refusal to eat any food, whether it’s pureed baby food or tasty, big boy finger food.  You’re also adamant about not staying still for diaper changes or to get dressed.  It takes two of us to wrestle you into a clean diaper and it’s still a struggle!  Getting you to stay on your little tushy in the bath tub is next to impossible.  You’ve put your foot down a handful of times this month about your afternoon nap.  Sometimes the hour I make you spend awake in your crib by yourself is adequate quiet time to keep you sane until bedtime, but other times it’s not enough to avoid a complete meltdown. 

Don’t get me wrong though…we still think you are a wonderful boy every day!  The fun thing about being your mommy is how many amazing things you do all the time!  Some of my favorite things from our 10 months together happened this month.  My favorite thing you do is give mommy and daddy kisses.  You make us so happy when you do that!  There were a few days this month when you were waking up earlier than we wanted to, so we brought you into bed with us.  You took advantage of being stuck there between the two of us to shower both of us with kisses.  What a perfect way to wake up!  I love that just seeing one of us can make you squeal with happiness and start racing over to get a hug.  I know daddy and I feel the same way when we see you.  What a cute little boy!

You don’t just kiss us though.  You also kiss your books!  You always kiss the kitties and babies in your books and a few other favorites.  You have definitely developed favorite books – mostly the books that you can feel different things or lift the flaps and the simple ones that you can learn words from.  You crawl up to your little bookshelf and pull one of your favorites down and bring it back to us to read.  You usually laugh and shake your arms excitedly after we read each page, then you turn the page to hear the next one.  After we’ve read each book a couple times in a row, you crawl back to the bookshelf to get another one. 

You’ve picked up lots of new tricks this month, and it’s getting even more fun to play games with you.  You’ve started pointing a lot and you like to play “bzzt” (when we touch your finger and say “bzzt”).  You wave, give high five, and giggle like a madman when we chase you around the house.  You’ve started pulling up and cruising along the furniture and you love trying to walk with your little walker push toy.  You’re also learning to crawl up things….you’ve crawled up the front steps, crawled out of the tub, and have tried to crawl up onto the couch…hopefully you won’t be trying to crawl out of the crib any time soon! 

Every night after you go to sleep daddy and I sneak into your room at least once to watch you sleep.  We just miss you so much in the time between when you fall asleep and when we go to bed!  You are always so cute either splatted on your back with your arms spread out or curled up in a little ball on your belly with you little butt up in the air. 

You are so loved.  What did we ever do without you??



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