9 Months

July 27, 2012

Sweet Little Kate,

Well, sweet pea, you are continuing your march from tiny, helpless infant to independent little girl. I wish you would slow down, but you are determined to be a big girl. You had so many physical developments last month, and this month you spent this month practicing all of your new skills. You love being able to crawl. You’re still doing the crab crawl, but you sure can motor when you want. You’re getting steadier on your feet and starting to cruise as you hold onto furniture, but you haven’t mustered the courage to let go of your anchor point yet to try to walk. You’ve FINALLY admitted to being able to hold your own bottle, which you’ve been doing for months at school but having been pretending not to know how to do at home as an excuse to snuggle. You are such a little snuggle bunny – it’s nice to be able to put you down while you drink your bottle sometimes, but I do love our snuggle time when you insist on being held!

You’re starting to be able to communicate your opinions. You hate getting your face wiped, and sitting still for diaper changes, and eating veggies. You can be such a diva when things aren’t exactly to your liking. Luckily, that isn’t very often but you are getting more vocal and expressive when it happens. While last month was a month of physical developments, this month has been all about developing an understanding of what is going on around you. You are so aware and so interactive – it’s fun to see you thinking and communicating without any words! You love to wave and will wave whenever you hear someone say “hi”, even when they aren’t talking to you.

It’s your first summer, so we’ve started doing summer things like swimming and biking. So far, you haven’t been a huge fan of either. The pool seems too cold for you and your helmet is still way too heavy. We’ll try again in a couple weeks and who knows, you may like it then! You do love shoes, jewelry and bottles of lotion – such a little girl! That said, you’re just as happy to play with Nicky’s trucks and cars and we can’t let you anywhere near his trains or there’s sure to be a fight. You’re starting to sit still long enough to read some quick books and you are loving your first word books.

You had your first fever this month. I was so impressed that it took 4 months at daycare before you got sick. All of the other kids in your class have been in and out with sickness during that whole time, but the most you’ve gotten is a hoarse voice and a bit of a runny nose. Even when you were sick this time you were such a trooper. You were a bit dazed from being so hot, but you had the biggest smile on your face and were just happy to sit around a play quietly. What a sweet girl!

Love you so much!

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