22 Months

August 27, 2013

Dear princess,

You are learning so much these days, I can practically see it! You suddenly know so many words, it’s unbelievable. You can quote the CD we listen to in the car, you repeat everything we say, and you’re even starting to speak in sentences! The other day when I told you it was time for dinner you said, “No mama, I no want dinner.” Really? I couldn’t even argue with you I was so impressed. You still have quite a few short cuts and all-purpose words. “Wattie” is water, milk, juice, coffee, wine, beer, etc. “App-oa” is all fruits and veggies (apple, peaches, grapes, bell peppers, carrots, dates, dried apricots, etc) and also airplanes. Trucks and busses are “trains” and “flower” ids anything beautiful (jewelry, fingernail polish, etc). Coins are “oink, oink” because you’re obsessed with Nicky’s piggy bank. You love reading first word books right now and are constantly bringing us books and commanding, “Read. Book.” You are all about the ABCs. You like singing your “A-C”s, you love playing with your “A-C” bath toys and you LOVE eating “A-C” alphabet cookies.

Speaking of eating, you are also suddenly eating! And I mean REALLY eating, not just a few odd things. You eat whole dinners now, which is AWESOME! Some nights you beg for more and more broccoli (you call it “vroom” because we pretend it’s an airplane when you eat it). I mean, really, I’ve been giving you broccoli with dinner every night since you got your first tooth. I’ve tried to play airplane with it hundreds of times. Always before it would induce a temper tantrum, but suddenly you can’t get enough. I don’t get it, but I’m not going to complain. I finally feel like I’m doing my job now that you’re eating decent meals. I’m just hoping I’m not jinxing it by writing about it!

We made an effort to curtail your pacifier rights this month and announced you could only have your pacifiers in your crib. You decided that wasn’t going to work for you and within days had started stashing pacifiers so you could have access whenever you wanted. Your stash is usually hidden in the 3 inch space between your crib and the wall. You climb over the ottoman that blocks said space, push the bed away from the wall, and squeeze yourself in there to grab your “nana”. You then either call for us “Helpf please! Stuck!” or you silently hide back there until we come to look for you, which usually ends up with us running around the house crazed and shouting your name because we can’t find you. It really is a good hiding spot.

You are so, so, so amazing in everything you do. You continue to copy everything Nicky does, and as a result you continue to be crazy advanced in all kids of physical skills. You know how to swing on a big girl swing and can even pump your legs and manage your own dismounts. You learned how to steer your scooter by yourself this month and now you navigate the skate board park all by yourself. BY. YOUR. SELF. Surrounded by tweens on their skate boards and out of control toddlers and ledges and ramps and everything else. And you just love it.

I can’t wait to see what this next month brings! You are a wonderful little girl.

Love, mommy

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