21 Months

July 27, 2013

Dear Kate,

Oh my goodness Kate, could you be any sweeter? You are such an angel at this age and we’re having so much fun together. You love to be held and are constantly laughing. You’re definitely opinionated on some things, but most of the time you’re agreeable and happy. You love to drive trucks around the house with Nicky, go swimming, read books and draw. You’re a great sleeper, although I wouldn’t mind if you slept in a little bit more consistently in the mornings – 5:45am doesn’t count as morning time to mommy!

You’ve really grown up in the last month and I’m starting to be able to imagine that you’re going to be ready to start preschool in October. You seem so competent and mature for 21 months…maybe that’s from having an older sibling who can teach you the ropes? I’m always amazed with your interactions with other kids. When we go on play dates you play so well with the other kids; you are good at sharing and taking turns and you’re always so good natured with your friends. You’re pretty good at listening and following directions and you’re getting much better at calming down when you’re not getting your way. Your infamous temper tantrums have definitely been reduced in length, intensity and frequency, which makes our evenings SO much nicer. You’ve been good at feeding yourself since before you turned one, but you’re getting better at actually eating now. When you consent to eat, you can sit and eat your whole meal without any intervention from me. Just know that when you hit your terrible twos and you aren’t acting so mature for your age that will be ok too and I’ll still love you.

You have a growing vocabulary, and you’re really good at manipulating the words you can say to let us know what you want. You LOVE to say “please” and “thank you,” which I obviously love and encourage at every turn. You’re starting to recognize letters, but you still call all of them “A” or “M”. You’re starting to sing bits of songs like “Happy Birthday” or “ABC” and you like to do the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” dance together. You have so much fun dancing and you were so cute spinning and spinning to the music at Auntie Emily’s wedding.

You developed a funny fear of trains this month, which I literally caught on video and I can’t figure it out. You and Nicky were listening to the trains in the distance and were having such a cute and excited conversation about them but suddenly your squeals of train-happiness turned into squeals of train-terror mid-breath. Now when you hear a train you try to climb up me to safety as fast as you. You sure are a speedy and strong little monkey when you hear a train whistle!

You are such a sweet and cute little munchkin. Your calm and sweet personality helps us keep an even keel in our crazy lives. I love you so much!


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