20 Months

June 27, 2013

Dear Kate,

It seems that somehow I forgot to write you a letter last month! I can’t remember what we were doing this time last month, but it’s a safe guess that we were busy, busy. You’ve grown up so much in the last 2 months. Your biggest development is that you are talking more and more. It’s funny – you seem to have more phrases than single words at this point. You can say, “I did it!” and “Mama, you ok?” and “Hugo, down” and “I want two,” which I don’t think actually means “I want two,” but something more like “I want to do that again,” or “I want more.” Some of your favorite single words are “no” (of course), help (pronounced “helpf,” and “nana” (usually meaning “pacifier,” but sometimes meaning “I want”). You can see we still do a lot of interpretation! But you are always busy learning and your lexicon keeps growing. One thing you love to do now is talk on the phone. You insist on talking to everybody I talk to, whether it’s Grandmommy or the insurance company. When you get on you say “hi” and then launch into such long, complex stories. Sometimes we can hear a word or two of English, but mostly it’s just nonsense. But you have so much fun relaying whatever it is you’re saying.

You keep growing and growing too. You love to ride your scooter in the skateboard park. The other day there was a skateboarding class going on when we were there and the whole area was overrun with 10 year old kids riding skateboards and learning how to jump. Even Nicky was a little cautious but you just went right out there, winding around among the big kids on your little scooter. You even followed them up to the top of the ramp and waited your turn to jump off the edge. You seem to be oblivious to the fact that you’re younger than other people and you’re determined to try anything you see anyone else doing. Your latest thing is that you insist on trying to buckle your own car seat just like Nicky, even though he’s only just learning to do it himself at 3 1/2. You’re blissfully unaware that you’re 2 years younger than him and you get so mad at me when I buckle it for you.

You continue to grow into an opinionated and independent little girl, but you like to remind me that you’re still little when you cuddle me. You love snuggling and you’ve taken to waking up at 4am for a quick 5 minute snuggle. I usually can’t go back to sleep after that, but it’s so sweet to have a few quiet minutes with you that I can’t say no. You love to cuddle and rough house with Nicky too. Sometimes he indulges you, but more often than not he wants his space. You’re persistent though and you usually end up chasing him through the house trying to hug him or tackle him – the more he wants his space, the more cuddly you get. Don’t think we don’t realize what a little instigator you’re being. If you happen to catch him lying on the floor you will literally sit on his head to get his attention. No matter how often I pull you off his head you keep going back until he finally sits up. I’m not sure where you came up with this technique, but it’s a weekly event at our house. You’re lucky he’s such a patient big brother!

I can’t believe how fast you’re growing up! In just a few months you’ll be starting preschool. You’re ready for it, I just don’t know if I am. Once you’re in preschool, you really won’t be a baby anymore, which feels so strange. Pretty soon I’m going to look up and you’ll be all grown up. It’s happening faster than I could imagine!

Love you so much little baby,


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