12 Months

October 27, 2012

Dear sweet little princess,

One already – you are such a big girl! I can’t believe it’s already been one year, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun. And fun we’ve had. You are such a fun combination of mellow and spicy. You love to cuddle and give us hugs and kisses. You just roll with so many things: you’re ok with having a funny nap, or missing one all together; you get right back up when you fall; you aren’t overly attached to your paci or bottle; you don’t mind going underwater; you wake up happy. You do have a spicy streak though…just enough to make things exciting. You love to dance, and be tickled, and laugh out loud. You love climbing up on Nicky’s bed to wrestle. You LOVE climbing anything – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned around to find you standing on top of Nicky’s toddler table. Luckily, you’ve always had very good balance so we haven’t had any major spills from your climbing adventures; I’m just hoping we can keep it that way. I also have to report that you’ve learned how to throw a temper tantrum. And you’re really good at it. You throw your whole body on the ground and bury your face in your arms and just cry your little heart out. In fact, I’m watching you throw a fit right now. Daddy dared to take a soda can away from you and you are SO MAD! It’s one of the most precious temper tantrums I’ve ever seen.

You watch everything and you’re so good at copying what you see. You’ve picked up walking early after watching all of us, learned swimming by copying Nicky, and you always want to try playing with whatever you see Nicky playing with. You love first words book and are always so studious as you point to the picture and listen to what it’s called. You picked up on trick-or-treating after watching the other kids for just a few houses. You wriggled around until I let you down, then you toddled up the walk straight to the candy bowl in your little lady bug costume, grabbed your candy, and walked right back to me. You loved eating your candy and some of Nicky’s too. I can tell you’re going to have a sweet tooth, just like mommy. Speaking of teeth, you finally have some! Your two front teeth have popped out and you look just like a little rabbit. My sweet little bunny.

You gave me such a fun present on your birthday. You’re always very good at falling asleep on your own, but on your birthday you were so tired from all the fun we had that you couldn’t go to sleep, so I got to rock you to sleep. Even though we haven’t rocked to sleep for months, you settled right into your old rocking position and almost immediately fell asleep. It was such a treat to hold you like a baby again because I know this time next year you’ll be too big to rock. I can’t believe that it’s all going so fast!

You’ve been such a precious addition to our family, my little princess. We all love you so much! Happy birthday!


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