11 Months

Septembers 27, 2012

Dear baby Kate,

I call you little baby Kate, but you’re not a baby anymore! You haven’t been a baby this whole month, since you started walking the day after you turned 10 months. By now you’re practically running around the house, chasing after Nicky and getting into all kinds of stuff. It’s crazy cute to see you walking around because you’re young to walk and also small for your age. It’s completely unexpected to see such a little peanut up and walking around!

You also started swim lessons this month and have taken to swimming like a fish. It is so cool to see you dipping under water and laying on your back and jumping in off the side of the pool. My favorite is when they bring out the giant kickboard shaped like a hippo (think daddy sized kick board) and the teacher puts the kiddo up on one side of the hippo and they walk/run a couple steps to the other side and jump to their mommy/daddy. You just kill me when it’s your turn because there’s no way you should be walking up there as small as you are but you do and then you jump right off the other end no hesitation. You see your brother doing these things and I think you think it’s normal. You’re almost too brave though. Last week when we were doing Humpty Dumpty (jumping off the side of the pool), you were supposed to be jumping to the teacher but you jumped before any of us were ready (like within a second of daddy putting you up on the edge) and the teacher wasn’t ready to catch you. You went straight to the bottom and all of us paused a beat, looking around to see where you were. Your daddy reached in and grabbed you and you came up, looking like nothing strange had happened. You weren’t under long, but it was long enough to scare the pants off me but you weren’t phased at all. You hadn’t even taken a breath. Amazing. I can tell we’re going to have to keep a close eye on you when there’s water around because you have no fear at all.

As you can imagine, now that you’re mobile we spent the month chasing after you. We barely had time to think with all the things we did this month – we were in recovery from our big trip to Oregon, you started your new daycare (which you love!), we went to Clearlake with farfar and aunt Michelle and uncle Todd, grandma Cheryl and grandpa Sam came to visit and I went on a business trip. I’m very excited for next month when we don’t have any plans. I’m planning on just spending time watching you be adorable and toddling around.

I love you pumpkin,

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