Joey’s Wedding

One of the main events for our Montana trip…cousin Joey’s wedding! Congrats Joe and Savannah! 🙂





20150613_184018 Kate spent most of the reception playing Elsa with her long “cape”. Cousin Henry was not interested in being Hans, so he was Elsa’s pet dinosaur.



Kate loved seeing the princess (aka, the bride) and was so excited when Savannah tossed her bouquet to the kids. I told Kate that she was going to catch the princess’ flowers, which she apparently took to mean that she could just stand in place and the flowers would come to her. The look on the poor girl’s face when she realized that someone else caught the flowers broke my heart! Luckily, the sweet boy who caught the flowers came over and gave Kate the bouquet when she wouldn’t stop crying. She cherished those flowers the rest of the trip!

[flickr video=20437859522]

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