A couple weeks ago we became the proud and excited owners of 5 baby caterpillars.  They came in a cup filled with food and we watched them grow from little tiny caterpillars into big, fat caterpillars.  Then we got to see them build their cocoons and eventually hatch as butterflies.  We kept them a couple days and released them into the wild this weekend.  We were all fascinated watching nature in action!

2014-06-03 19.02.59Caterpillars

2014-06-07 06.48.18Cocoons





Pacifier Fairy

We had another visit from the pacifier fairy!  This time she came for all of Kate’s pacifiers. She very kindly sent us an email letting us know she was coming on Friday so we could prepare Kate. Even so we’re still adjusting…going to sleep and staying in bed all night has been a challenge but hopefully she’ll get back on track soon. On the up side, she’s been loving her new princess bike!

[flickr video=14244510167]Very excited before the day before!

[flickr video=14451077773]On her new (gigantic) bike.

[flickr video=14244289228]Nicky got in on the excitement and rode his bike around without training wheels (with daddy’s help). He’s looking much more comfortable and soon enough I’m sure he’ll be zipping around on his own!