New Skills

Nicky has very suddenly become very good at writing, reading, spelling and drawing. He went from scribbling to drawing amazing pictures, started suddenly writing all the letters without help, has started trying to spell on his own and reading all his beginner books on his own – all in the course of about 2 weeks. It’s been fun to watch his explosion of skills!

[flickr video=13209943303]


Ice skating

We went to an ice skating birthday party this weekend. Most of the other kids were dressed in their ski gear. Being the awesome mom that I am I not only didn’t bring a jacket for Nicky, I also forgot to bring long pants (well, really I brought some jeans but they turned out to be Kate’s jeans so they weren’t much use to us). Nicky couldn’t have cared less. He was so excited to get out there and didn’t once complain about being cold or falling on ice with bare legs. He’s obviously been compensating for his crazy mom for a while now.




St. Patty’s Day

The kids have been jazzed about St. Patty’s Day this year. Nicky made a leprechaun trap but we didn’t find any this year which is good because Kate was terrified by the whole idea that leprechauns might be hiding in our yard.

Leprechaun TrapThe sign Nicky made for his leprechaun trap reads “Hide in here leprechaun. Nicky”

SPD HatsWearing their St. Patty’s Day hats.

Looking for LeprechaunsSneaking around looking for leprechauns in the yard. Right after this picture was taken Kate ran screaming into the house in terror that we might actually find a leprechaun.

HatsProudly declaring the yard leprechaun free.