Mega Muscles

Kate eats nothing but hot dogs and cereal.  And a bite of broccoli on a rare occasion if we cheer for her and do a light party (flipping the lights on and off).  She is a little toothpick.  But, somehow she has enough muscles to MOVE. HER. CRIB. BY. HERSELF.  She’s always stashing pacifiers behind the crib so she can access them at will.  She just moves her crib out from the wall, climbs back there to retrieve the pacifier, and moves her crib back.  And she knows the chances are slim that I’m going to make the effort to move the crib to get all the pacifiers so her stash is pretty much safe.  Amazing.

[flickr video=12626805233]


So how’s this for a smart little girl? I’m part horrified that she would do this, part terrified of what this foreshadows for her teenage years, and part impressed at how well she can plan ahead at the tender age of two. Here’s the story I heard when I picked Kate up from school this week.

Kate and her little friend apparently got in a scuffle in the morning and Kate came out of it with a bite mark on her finger. The teachers fussed over her and the other girl got a time out.

Later that afternoon the girls started to scuffle again and the teacher ran over to break it up before it got ugly. When Kate saw the teacher coming she stuck her own hand in her own mouth and bit herself, then pointed at the other girl and said, “She bit me!”.

We’re certainly going to get a run for our money with this one!

Grandmommy and Grandougie!

Grandmommy and Grandougie visited last weekend. They brought the rain with them from Oregon so we did just about every indoor activity we know within a 50 mile radius to keep the kids from going stir crazy: CA Academy of Science, CuriOdyssey and the Exploratorium. We went on rain walks and floated leaves down the gutter. We all had such a good time. I’m a little offended though because I’m pretty sure Kate likes Grandougie even more than me – she picked him to rock him to sleep over me more than once and loved hanging out with him all weekend.



Well, it’s finally happened. One of our babies has had stitches. This happened a couple weeks ago and I’m just getting up the courage to write about it now because, of course, this happened on my watch. Poor baby Kate fell down while running around the skateboard park and cracked her forehead in two. It was a perfectly clean, very deep cut right smack in the middle of her forehead. She was very brave and barely cried at all except for the few moments when she was getting poked with needles – our girl does NOT like needles. But before and after she was reasonably content and got a kick out of wearing bandaids on her forehead. She has a bit of a scar now that I’m hoping will fade soon because I feel so guilty every time I see that pink mark on her beautiful skin.

IMG_4017 Rocking a Batman bandaid