We took the family skiing on our vacation. Nicky had great success learning to snowplow and Superman, but he still prefers relying on mommy to keep him safe with the leash while he goes straight down the hill as fast as he can. Kate had plastic skis to get the feel of sliding around. She wasn’t terribly interested in her fake skis but really wanted to try Nicky’s real skis. Maybe next year! As always, the hot chocolate in the lodge was the biggest hit. Nicky especially liked getting to take off all his ski clothes at the end of the day – everyone in the lodge got a nice chuckle to see him parading around shirtless in his bibs and ski boots.







[flickr video=11724133323]

[flickr video=11724567196]

20131222_115251 20131222_115212 Nicky, modeling his apr├Ęs-ski look.

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