Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from my little pumpkin and Captain America!

We went to a neighbor’s house for a joint birthday/trick-or-treating party, which is always a great time (Halloween pictures here). The place was crawling with sugarized and excited kiddos. Nicky was once again at the front of the pack in the trick-or-treating scrum and was literally sprinting through the neighborhood, going to every door with a light and yelling “trick-or-treat, smell my feet”. Kate was eager to trick-or-treat as many houses as she could, but got easily distracted by trying to eat her candy as fast as she got it, so she was bringing up the rear of the pack. My favorite moment of the night was after we got home when Nicky answered the door for some trick-or-treaters seconds after getting out of the bath, wearing only a towel with a lion hood. I’m sure it must have looked like a costume at first glance but those poor trick-or-treaters definitely got more of an eyeful than they were expecting!








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