Perfect Night

We had one of those perfect nights tonight…and you really have to savor those. This was the kind of night that I imagined we would be having all the time before I had kids, but in reality they only happen when all the stars align. Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of good nights and even great nights, but this was the kind of night where there was magical pixie dust sprinkled all over everything. Everybody was full of smiles and snuggles and kisses and hugs. There was no whining, no fighting, no hitting, no screaming. The kids had their listening ears on, ate their dinners, and played nicely with each other, even starting their own impromptu dance party in Nick’s room. Oh yeah, and Sam got everything he needed to finish his tumor schedule at work so he didn’t have to spend the night working. Ahhhhh….life is good.


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