Aunt Michelle & Uncle Todd’s Wedding

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Todd had a beautiful wedding this weekend. We were so happy to celebrate with them and be part of the festivities. Nicky was a ring bearer and performed admirably, although instead of walking sedately up the aisle and handing the pillow to the best man, he caught sight of me at the front and yelled, “Mommy!”, ran up the aisle, chucked the pillow (with fake rings, luckily) on the ground and gave me a huge hug. He and Kate danced up a storm at the reception and when they were finally too tired to dance Sam and Uncle Nick picked them up for even more dancing. The kids were so well behaved at all the events despite late nights and short naps – it didn’t hurt that there were so many doting relatives there to entertain them during dinners and brunches. These kids sure do love being the center of attention, but with all the family weddings lately they’ll be surrounded by cousins before they know it! Here are some pictures of the rehearsal dinner. Wedding pics tomorrow!

IMG_1627 Kate eating butter at the rehearsal dinner…we have to fatten her up somehow

IMG_1629 Little flirt

IMG_1633 Uncle Nick, the jungle gym


IMG_1636 The babysitter of last resort…the iPad

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