Picture Dump

Here’s a quick catch up of some recent pictures:


IMG_1449 Music is one of Nicky’s “things”. He likes all kinds of music, from “calm down music” (classical), to Bob Marley, to “party music” and he’s an encyclopedia of song and band names. A couple weeks ago I pulled out my violin and wiped off 15 years of dust – now it’s one of his favorite rewards for good behavior.  And I’m sure the neighbors love the screeching noises he makes!


IMG_3377 Watching a tow truck.




IMG_1611 Rocking her little blond curls.


We love swinging. Kate’s learned to hang on and is starting to get a hang of pumping her legs (already?!!?!). Nicky also taught her the noodle, which is one of her favorite playground games even though she isn’t quite tall enough to do it. How good is it to have a big brother to show you all these cool tricks?

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