Back at the Beach

We were back at the beach again this weekend (pictures here) and our persistence seems to be paying off – Kate finally started walking on the sand (there was a seagull that just had to be chased).  We built sand castles and ran in the waves and the breeze even picked up just enough to fly kites before we left.  It was a perfect wind – just strong enough to keep the kites airborne but gentle enough that even Kate could easily fly her own. The kiddos were exhausted after a couple hours and as soon as we left they passed out for the rest of the afternoon – success!



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Bike Race

Possibly the cutest thing EVER: a bike race for kids with a 4 and under category. We did the race with some friends this weekend and had a blast (more pictures here).  We rode the train there and back and the “race” was all of one block long. There was a lot of waiting for such a quick race, but it was totally worth it!




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It’s plum season. Nicky is proudly showing off our Sunday harvest. This huge haul is only the good ones that dropped in a 20 hour period and adds to the equally big bucket we have in the fridge. We can’t give them away fast enough. Kate is currently surviving on plums and Raisin Bran. The results are predictable, but she’s as happy as can be.




We celebrated the longest day of the year with kebabs and sunshine shaped lemon bars. Since I didn’t have time to make lemon bars I picked some up at Whole Foods, which is right across the street from my office and the only store I had time to shop at on Friday. Turns out (maybe not surprisingly) that WF only sells vegan, gluten-free lemon bars. I mean really, what’s the point? After just the tiniest nibbles, all four of our little sunshine treats went straight into the compost bin to “feed the worms” as Nicky likes to put it. “Ew, yuck,” as Kate likes to say.





Father’s Day Outing

We spent daddy’s day sight seeing in San Francisco, scooting around Fisherman’s Wharf, eating doughnut holes, barking at the sea lions and riding the 2-story carousel (pictures here). Of course we also rounded out our trip with a stop at Naan N Curry – what trip to SF is complete without a trip to N&C? Aside from having to zig zag on one way streets all over the city as we bounced from one blocked street to the next (SF marathon, construction, gas leak, SF marathon again, etc), daddy had a nice day with his little babies.



Nicky’s First Purchase

On Friday I took the kids to the grocery store to buy “food presents” for the canned food drive at work. As I was explaining to Nicky what we were going to do he announced, “oh, mom, we need to get money out of my piggy bank to buy food presents!” I didn’t even know that he knew he could open his piggy bank, but we opened it up and took out $1.75 to take to the store. He carried his money in, picked out some soup, and paid for it at the register. Mommy was so proud!