Somehow Nick got it into his head that Memorial Day was the day we remember soldiers AND the day that we go to the zoo. He was talking about a zoo trip all weekend. So on Monday we treked up to SF again to brave the thick fog and drizzle to see our animal friends (pictures here). The kids were happy as clams to be there.




The last couple of weekends we’ve headed to the beach for some afternoon fun. Nick LOVES the ocean and has a great time splashing around in the waves, digging for crabs, and making sand castles. Kate HATES the ocean and starts whimpering if we take her within several yards of the waves, fusses if her feet touch the sand and can’t stand it when her daddy and brother venture out to the water. Poor thing stands at the edge of the blanket, which has to be kept absolutely clean of stray sand, alternately begging for her daddy or the car. No matter how many pictures I took I couldn’t catch her in a smile – her concern is written all over her sweet little face (pictures here).

[flickr video=8755476387]

Mother’s Day

We had an ambitious mother’s day. We started out with plans to do nothing, and then made impromptu plans to take a trip to the zoo, and then scrubbed those plans and ended up across the city at the Exploratorium after finding the zoo totally socked in with thick fog. It was a chaotic morning, but the kids loved the Exploratorium (pictures here), so it was all worth it.  Try as we might, we could not get a picture with me and my two munchkins, this is as close as we got:



Nicky was very busy dancing and singing on our front lawn the other night. He made up a great song about not being wild, ballerinas, mourning doves, a continent and Monterey St and combined it all with some new age-y dance moves. Pretty deep stuff.

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Nick spilled something on the floor this weekend and decided he needed to clean it up himself.  He went to the closet and pulled out the vacuum, then asked me to plug it in and got to work.  He started out pushing the vacuum all around the house (yes, you can vacuum practically our entire house plugged into one central plug) and then got down to the finer detail with the hose.  What a helper!!  I also love to see his problem solving in this video when he can’t quite reach the lint he’s after with the hose. 

[flickr video=8716700646]