Easter Brunch

We had some friends over for Easter brunch and an egg hunt on Saturday.  There were five ambulatory kids, two crawling babies and six adults.  Didn’t I say once that I would never have another party at our tiny house again?  While it was very fun to catch up with our friends and Nick says that having his buddies over was the highlight of his weekend, it was an unmitigated DISASTER.  🙂

The afternoon started off with Nicky handing out the goody baskets full of candy, which I carelessly filled with a Butterfinger candy among others.  Did I mention one of Nicky’s friends is allergic to nuts?  Crap.  Luckily, Butterfingers only have a small bit of peanuts in them so after 10 minutes of not feeling well the little trooper was back on his feet.  Phew.  The boys did reasonably well playing together for the first hour or so, but soon enough Nicky was overstimulated and overwhelmed with sharing his toys and started to FREAK. OUT.  After much screaming of “I had it first” and “that’s my toy” we decided it would be a great time to get the boys out on a bike ride to burn off some energy.  Turns out these boys are extra competitive and they only made it two blocks before the boys who weren’t in the lead broke down crying that they weren’t first and had to be carried home.  And then, to top it off, Nicky found himself in the direct path of his buddy’s somersault and got an accidental kick to the face.  Normally Nicky is pretty tough and would barely be phased by something like that but with his emotions already frayed he lost it.  After that we realized there was no salvaging the afternoon and called it quits.  The kids crashed out for several hours within minutes of their friends leaving and Sam and I were in a stunned daze the rest of the day. 

We did get some cute pictures though (more here):




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