On easter day we had a relaxing and pleasant brunch at far far’s house. Far far, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Todd went above and beyond in their preparations. From fun easter baskets for the kids, to beautiful wild pheasant lunch to these fabulous deviled eggs, everything was perfect.

And I have to say that the Los Altos Hills easter bunny really knows how to do things right with 48 candy stuffed eggs outside and 18 dyed eggs inside. Nick pretty much had all of these to himself. True to their personalities Nick’s competitive side came out during the egg hunts and he was completely focused on the end game of collecting all of the eggs – as a result, it was nearly impossible to get any pictures of him because he was moving so fast from one egg to the next. Kate, on the other hand, was much more interested in enjoying the experience. Not to mention that her chocolate radar goes completely haywire when she’s surrounded by so much candy so she couldn’t help but stop at the very first egg she found, drop her basket and open the egg to eat the candy inside. Since Nicky quickly filled up his basket with eggs and raced over to trade baskets with Kate so he could keep hunting, it was hard to get her back into the hunt. Why bother really if the eggs are going to be delivered to you directly by your brother? Pretty good system if you ask me.

Anyway, here are some pictures (more here):









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