Potty Training Express

Nicky’s teacher has declared tomorrow is the day. She’s asked us to bring Nicky in undies along with piles of extra pants, socks and even shoes. They’ve been slowly introducing Nicky to the potty over the last couple weeks at school. Yesterday he came home with 7 stickers on his shirt, each for a time that he peed on the potty. This morning was the first time he agreed to try at home since his birthday. There were very minimal results, but he was so proud. We’ve had a couple rounds of trying to introduce this at home and school and each time we’ve had to back off when he’s gotten overwhelmed. We know he can control it because every day at school he pees in the little play house on the playground with his friend Emily watching. We’ve never made it as far as undies though, so hopefully this time will take. Looks like we’re in for a messy weekend!

Happy Hollow

One of our fun activities this weekend was a trip to Happy Hollow.  Kate was old enough to enjoy some of the rides and Nicky even braved the roller coaster.  He’s always excited to go on it and happy he did it afterwards but he’s always scared to death during the actual ride.  We also spent a lot of time at the petting zoo where the kids both loved petting and feeding the goats.  We finally had to leave when Kate started walked around trying to pick things up off the ground to feed the goats and it became clear that she couldn’t distinguish between dropped food pellets and the other type. Ew yuck.







Healthy at Last

This was the first weekend in 2013 that we were all healthy. We’ve been battling various illnesses in our house every day this year until a few days ago. Yes, that means 52 days straight of at least one of us being sick. I blame it on Andrew. So we were pretty excited to have a fun weekend to catch up on everything we’ve been missing out on.

The weekend wrapped up with some friends coming over for dinner. After the kids had been excused we were enjoying some nice quiet time and adult conversation while the kids played in the bedrooms when Sam realized it was far too quiet. When I went to explore I found the boys locked in the bathroom giggling like madmen. When they opened the door I saw the sink was running and there was an explosion of water and bath toys around the toilet. The boys tried to walk out like nothing was going on. We did our best to interrogate them without laughing, and the questioning culminated in a stern “and how many of these toys were in the toilet?” to which one boy responded “none” and the other boy “all of them”. Pretty much sums it all up…

Ski Weekend

We took the kiddles up for a weekend in Tahoe with friends. Poor Sam was sick as a dog and had to stay in bed the whole weekend, but the kids and I had fun messing around with our buddies and playing in the snow. Nicky and I went skiing on Saturday and he rocked the magic carpet and did a pretty good job skiing between my legs and with a ski leash. He tried so hard to get his skis into a snowplow, but he’s just not quite strong enough to get a good pizza going. He made a good effort though!




[flickr video=8465437802]


I braved the SF Zoo with two kids alone over MLK weekend. Neither of the kids got lost or eaten by wild animals. Kate did, however, try to drink out of a puddle (strange, Nicky did the same thing at the National Zoo at about this age…what is it with my kids and zoo puddles??) and I lost my sunglasses, but overall I’d say the trip was a success.