At the end of our trip, we headed to eastern Oregon to play in the snow. The kids had a great time eating snow, building snow men, sledding, riding in snow trains and skiing! Nicky caught on very quickly to skiing. He was really frustrated with learning any of the basics and was eager to just do it. Not surprisingly, given his approach to life in general, he wasn’t content to play it safe and slow with snow plow skis. All he wanted was to point his french fry skis straight down the hill and go, as fast as possible. Which is fine except that he has no way to stop or regulate his speed. Not so good when there’s another little kid sitting in the middle of the run right in your way. Sam had to tackle Nick from about 15 yards away in a full, laid out, football tackle to just narrowly avoid a collision – luckily, everyone was ok! Pizza pie skis is definitely something we’ll need to work on, but for now he’s definitely enjoying his first taste of the sport.




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