My little artists, working hard:


I’m sure you’ll be as impressed with Nicky’s artistic talent as I am. He just captures his subjects so well. 🙂

IMG_2203 “The ocean, with waves going so fast.”

IMG_2204 “A shark. He has a shark fin.”

IMG_2215 “I’m making a volcano, mom. It’s really hot. Here’s the smoke. (dot, dot, dot) You cannot touch it mom. It’s too hot. It will burn you.”


We had an excellent Thanksgiving in Arizona (pictures here). Perfect weather, good food, free grandparent babysitting (thanks!) — it was great! Nicky and Kate loved playing with grandpa Sam and grandma “Cereal” and with their aunties and the doggies. We had lots of fun playing at the playground, rode on a train, went to the zoo and even got to feed a giraffe!

[flickr video=8226351909]

Truck Day

We discovered a cool new holiday – sure to soon be the next Hallmark holiday.  Truck Day!  Redwood City closes off a big parking lot, brings a bunch of cool trucks out and the kids climb all over them.  We got to play in a SWAT truck, a surveillance truck, a crane truck, a luxury charter van…you name it.  The hit of the day was the cement mixer truck.  AWESOME. 




We went on a hike one, cold, foggy day in October and were totally surprised when we got up to Skyline to find that all the fog was down in the bay and we had climbed right out of it!  We enjoyed our surprisingly sunny (and long) hike (pictures here).  Nicky insisted on running up the steepest part for about a half a mile.  I don’t think I could have kept up his pace.  But, of course, he got to climb up in the backpack as soon as he was tuckered out.  We saw all kinds of wildlife – a snake, a giant beetle, lizards, a deer, a deer carcass (didn’t show that one to the kids) and a horse (not wild)!  Very fun. 

[flickr video=8150493356]