Catch Up

Great news! My web site is fixed (thanks Thad!!). Not only that, but in my excitement to get some pictures uploaded and posted quickly for the grandparents I discovered a treasure trove of pictures from the last 3 months that have been hiding on the big camera. So here are a few teasers until I have a chance to organize a few more posts:

IMG_1477 You have to be fairly self sufficient as a second child. This is Kate reaching into the cupboard where we keep her baby food, looking for a snack.

IMG_1442 “Who wants a Nicky Mouse?” Anybody who tells his it’s not Nicky Mouse will be disowned.

IMG_1414 Playing with the potty bowl. I guess the fact that the potty can be used as a toy (since no one has ever used it) is the silver lining in the fact that Nicky isn’t yet potty trained.

IMG_1402 Playing princess

IMG_1386 Flirting with daddy.

IMG_1282 August 13, 2012: Nicky’s 1000th Birthday Day! Yay!

IMG_1356 Big boy bed…

IMG_1453 …and big boy car seat (sorry Kate you’re going to have to start eating your spinach if you want to get big enough to ride in this car seat!)

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