Halloween Preview

Nicky’s school had a big Halloween party last week (pictures here) with a costume parade, jumpy house, petting zoo, face painting, cookie decorations, pumpkin patch and horse rides.  Talk about fun.  I took the day off to get some one on one time with my little blue monster.  We played at school all morning, then went home for a nap before picking up Kate and heading to the Goblin Walk, which was absolutely over run with little munchkins.  We met up with some friends and had a great time!  Kate was utterly non-plussed at being forced to stay in the stroller while everybody else walked around, but even so it was a miracle none of the kids got lost.  It was an excellent day of hookey.  Tonight we’re getting together with all of our neighborhood buddies for trick or treating so stay tuned for more pictures!












Kate’s Birthday Party

After the utter chaos of Nicky’s last birthday party, we made the brilliant decision to outsource Kate’s first birthday party (and all future birthday parties from here on out).  While I felt a bit silly booking Gymboree for my one year old, I’m so glad we did (pictures here).  The kids got to run around like crazies and all I had to do was show up – they prepped, cleaned and provided all the party entertainment.  Perfect!  Kate loved seeing all of her little friends and being the center of attention.







Happy Birthday Kate!

Our little baby princess is one year old!  What a fun year it was.  We had a fun day celebrating too.  We went to Happy Hollow (pictures here), carved pumpkins, ate cupcakes and opened presents (more pictures here). True to her normal MO, Kate was eager about the cupcake, but not too jazzed about getting her fingers messy. She insisted on eating with a fork, but as soon as she got her first bite of frosting she immediately forgot about all of her reluctance to get dirty and just dug in. The kids loved opening and playing with Kate’s presents. Nicky loved all of Kate’s presents, with his favorites being the princess castle and the grocery store register. He got a little creative playing with the two side by side and started “buying girls” [princesses from the castle] at the grocery store. Luckily he quickly adjusted that to “the girls are buying food”. Much better. Phew.

IMG_1825 Pancake birthday breakfast





IMG_0936 Fun at Happy Hollow



IMG_1052 Yummy Halloween cupcakes!





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Catch Up

Great news! My web site is fixed (thanks Thad!!). Not only that, but in my excitement to get some pictures uploaded and posted quickly for the grandparents I discovered a treasure trove of pictures from the last 3 months that have been hiding on the big camera. So here are a few teasers until I have a chance to organize a few more posts:

IMG_1477 You have to be fairly self sufficient as a second child. This is Kate reaching into the cupboard where we keep her baby food, looking for a snack.

IMG_1442 “Who wants a Nicky Mouse?” Anybody who tells his it’s not Nicky Mouse will be disowned.

IMG_1414 Playing with the potty bowl. I guess the fact that the potty can be used as a toy (since no one has ever used it) is the silver lining in the fact that Nicky isn’t yet potty trained.

IMG_1402 Playing princess

IMG_1386 Flirting with daddy.

IMG_1282 August 13, 2012: Nicky’s 1000th Birthday Day! Yay!

IMG_1356 Big boy bed…

IMG_1453 …and big boy car seat (sorry Kate you’re going to have to start eating your spinach if you want to get big enough to ride in this car seat!)


At the risk of jinxing our success, the pacifier fairy came and went and we barely even noticed. Nicky has asked for pacifiers at bedtime a couple times but he gets it when we remind him that they’re all gone and just rolls over to go to sleep. The paci fairy brought Nicky a new Lightning Mcqueen bike. He loves it and got the hang of riding it right away. Here he is, speeding around on his second ride ever.

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Paci Fairy

The paci fairy has put us on notice…she sent a note saying that she is coming TONIGHT. We’ve been talking about her for months, but we’ve stepped it up this week and Nicky is super excited. He made some Halloween artwork recently and he’s pumped for her to see it and to take one of his creations home with her. He is, of course, very excited about the big present that she’s bringing. How he will feel when we wakes up tomorrow morning without pacifiers or when he goes down tomorrow night without one (or three), we will see. Wish us luck!

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