Not many pictures lately because we are in summer survival mode, bouncing from one fun activity to the next (grandma and grandpa visited this week and we’ll be going to Monterey and then Oregon over the next couple weeks) and I had a business trip thrown in there as well. Another complication: dealing with the terrible twos. We’re working through a patch of defiance right now. The constant refrain from Nick is “can I play a little bit?” asked in a very sweet little voice with an occasional “please” tacked on at the end…precious really. Until you realize that the only acceptable answer in his two-year old brain is “yes”, which of course is not always the answer he gets. Needless to say, the temper tantrums that follow are not necessarily the moments you want to capture on film. But, there are plenty of moments in between that do deserve to be captured. Here’s a quick catch up:

IMG_0002 (2) Our little imp

IMG_1257 Waving to the camera

IMG_1266 Bloomers make great hats

IMG_0028 Pretty even with food all over her face

IMG_1247 Celebrating daddy’s birthday

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