Back at Home

We made it back!  The trip home was definitely harder than the way up since we were all tired and had to do it in one leg, but the kiddles still did a great job.  The “ice pack” (iPad) definitely got more use on the way home. We’re so sad to have to leave, but all good things must end.  Some of my favorite moments from the trip, in addition to Coleman and Sheeva’s spectacular wedding were:

Nicky playing make believe with great grandma: [flickr video=7877693830]

[flickr video=7878006446]

Kate conversing with a lynx: [flickr video=7853890054]

Nicky’s made up songs: [flickr video=7852685000]

Happy babies: [flickr video=7852552548]


We rounded out our Oregon vacation with a visit to SunRiver (pictures here).  We had so much fun swimming in the awesome community pool and biking around and eating and generally relaxing.



IMG_0550 Bike rides! I swear Nicky was having fun too – we just couldn’t get the two of them to smile at the same time.




IMG_0534 Playing at the park




IMG_0583 The Desert Museum

IMG_0616 4 generations together


The next leg of our trip to Oregon was a visit to Eugene (pictures here). We spent our time there hiking, biking, playgrounding and relaxing.  Uncle Andrew and Aunt Liz and grandma and grandpa pampered us and catered to our every need.  The weather was perfect, Kate was a little more comfortable with fewer people around, and Nicky continued to be so happy to be the center of attention.

IMG_0361 Nicky helping uncle Andrew with some repairs

IMG_0426 Playing in a whale

IMG_0386 Relaxing at grandma and grandpa’s

IMG_0385 Hiking Mount Pisgah


We had a great time in Portland (pictures here).  All of the extended family was there, which was fun for Nicky and Sam and me.  Kate was completely overwhelmed by all the new people.  Much to grandma’s chagrin, little Kate was attached to me the entire time and anytime that she wasn’t touching me she was frantically scanning the room for me.  She also made it very clear that no one else was allowed to touch her at all.  Nice to be needed, but what a bummer to be needed so much when there were so many hands available and wanting to help!

We went to the zoo while we were in Portland.  It was hot, hot, hot.   Of course, the benefit of going to the zoo when it’s hot out is that you have to get snow cones.  We also rode on the train which made Nicky a happy, happy boy.




The Wedding!

Coleman and Sheeva are married! It was a beautiful wedding (pictures here): Sheeva was radiant, Coleman was beaming and the party was fabulous. Nicky and Kate did pretty well during the ceremony and they loved the dancing afterward. Nicky got his first soda, a Shirley Temple, and ate lots of cookies, which is pretty much his definition of a good time. He also got to play with his cousin, Oscar, who is also 2 and loves cars. What a blast!







Coleman and Sheeva’s Rehearsal Dinner

You might think that going to Coleman and Sheeva’s rehearsal dinner at 7:30 (aka bedtime) right after after pulling in Portland was destined for failure. I certainly did. But luckily the kids didn’t see it that way (pictures here). Kate took a while to warm up to everyone but Nicky was a charmer. They were so good and lasted until 9:30, when Nicky turned to me and said “Mommy, I think it’s time to go to bed.” We were so glad to get to stay for so long so we could celebrate with Coleman and Sheeva!







We Made It!

We survived our massively long car ride (pictures here). The kids were PERFECT. Nicky spent the first hour pointing out all the trucks we passed. You’d be surprised how many trucks are driving around the bay area in the early evening. We talked about every single one. The next hour was spent answering the question “why?”. We pretty much repeated those two conversations the entire 11 hour drive. Throw in a few toys here, a few snacks, a few breaks to stretch our legs and then we were here, ready to celebrate.