Stick Figure

To continue the series of “How My Kids Amaze Me”, here’s another fabulous drawing by Nicky.  This is his first stick person.  I had the benefit of him narrating to me what everything was as he was drawing it, so I’ll share: there’s a body with two arms and two legs, a giant head, a little eye, a nose and a mouth.  AWESOME! 


More Visitors!

We continued our visitor-filled summer with a visit from Uncle Coleman and Aunt Sheeva. Nicky got to spend a day at home with his aunt and uncle while the rest of us were at work/daycare and had lots of fun playing. We also went up to the Exploratorium and played in the city for the morning. Poor Coleman and Sheeva will probably never want to come to California again since they seemed to be cloud and traffic magnets. We hope they do come back though because we loved seeing them!

IMG_0033 At the Palace of Fine Arts

IMG_0034 A rare family portrait

IMG_0020 We forgot Nicky’s jacket so he wore daddy’s

IMG_0026 Exploring the Exploratorium

Feeding Herself

Until just a couple weeks ago she acted as though she had no idea what we were talking about when we tried to get her to hold her own bottle.  Now suddenly she’s little miss I’ll-do-it-myself-thank-you-very-much.  She’s very tired of eating baby food but she’s not sure what she thinks of little bits of finger food yet.  So we’re in a great phase where eating is somewhat hit or miss.  Cheerios and baby crackers are always a huge hit and bits of bread go over well too so at least we have the grains down.  Working hard on the veggies and protein.  No wonder she’s such a petite little thing! 
[flickr video=7481065816]

Remember Nicky’s reaction to meat?  That boy loved (loves) to eat!