Funny Sayings

Nicky is talking more these days and he says the funniest things.  Some favorites:

After later: “After later we’re going to have ice cream”

Needs ta has ta: “I needs ta has ta have ice cream”

When I’m a baby: “When I’m a baby I’ll get to have a bottle/ride in the stroller/eat baby food”

Beeping up: “Look, that fire truck is going backwards!  It’s beeping up!”

I dreamt about owls: EVERY DAY when he wakes up and we ask if he had any dreams he says “I dreamt about owls”…creepy

That’s my favorite one: said to just about every song he hears.

I’m just joking at you: when he wants me to smile he’ll just say this out of nowhere…works every time.

You make me sad: when he isn’t getting his way…mommy kryptonite

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