Funny Sayings

Nicky is talking more these days and he says the funniest things.  Some favorites:

After later: “After later we’re going to have ice cream”

Needs ta has ta: “I needs ta has ta have ice cream”

When I’m a baby: “When I’m a baby I’ll get to have a bottle/ride in the stroller/eat baby food”

Beeping up: “Look, that fire truck is going backwards!  It’s beeping up!”

I dreamt about owls: EVERY DAY when he wakes up and we ask if he had any dreams he says “I dreamt about owls”…creepy

That’s my favorite one: said to just about every song he hears.

I’m just joking at you: when he wants me to smile he’ll just say this out of nowhere…works every time.

You make me sad: when he isn’t getting his way…mommy kryptonite

County Fair

We went to the county fair this weekend.  It was a bit of a mixed bag.

IMG_9944 Nicky liked the pigs…

IMG_9943 …but was afraid of the chickens.  He was also right next to a sheep when it bleated and that scared the bejesus out of him so badly that he ran straight out the barn door and kept going.  That was it for the animals…

IMG_9939He liked the plane ride and the carousel…

IMG_9946 …but he did NOT like the jeep ride. It went up and down as it went around and he was pretty sure he was going to be tossed right out. That was the longest ride of his little life, crying and screaming the whole way. And that was it for the rides…