Uncle Andrew and Aunt Liz Visit

We were so happy to have Aunt Liz and Uncle Andrew visit for Memorial Day weekend (pictures here).  The night before they came Nicky kept asking to get out of bed and would run to the front window to see where Uncle Andrew was.  When we got home from school on the day that they arrived Nicky jumped out of the car and ran into the house asking “where’s uncle Liz???”  Both of the kids loved all the extra attention.  We spent some time at the California Academy of Science (where Nicky accidentally dropped his pacifier into the alligator cage…oops!), walking the Dish and playing at the park. Lots of fun!


Nicky really enjoyed Uncle Andrew’s (aka Uncle Horsie’s) boundless energy and responsiveness to the word “giddyup”:
[flickr video=7292022968]

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