Trip to Virginia

We had a big cross country trip a couple weeks ago to go to Grandad’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.  It was a sad occasion but so good to be able to see the whole family and to introduce little Kate to everyone.  We’ve been home for over a week now, but have finally recovered enough to upload the pictures (here).

The kids were perfect on the flight out, we didn’t even have to break out the electronics and got lots of compliments on how good they were:
IMG_9682 IMG_9685

[flickr video=7190016554]

They were adorable and very well behaved the first couple days. We managed not to get any pictures of Kate that were worth posting after we got off the plane, but I promise she was with us and was a sweet, cute little princess:
IMG_9701 IMAG1390
[flickr video=7215686286]
[flickr video=7192863866]

Nothing can last forever though and we paid for all the good behavior many times over on the flight back. Not surprisingly, there are no pictures and we did not make any friends on the plane… Now we’re back in our routine and everyone is well rested and back to normal.

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