Happy Hollow

We went to Happy Hollow while grandma and grandpa were here (pictures here). Every time we go is a slightly different experience as Nicky is either tall enough to do new rides or more capable of doing different things. This time our little adrenaline junky insisted on going on the roller coaster. He was petrified the whole ride, but didn’t cry and insisted “that was really fun!” as soon as he had his feet back on solid ground. He loved the firetruck ride as always and had a fun time playing at the playground. The jaguar was awake in the little zoo too and was literally trying to get out of its cage to eat the little kids on the other side…yikes! Luckily the cage held. The other great news is that we managed to get some pictures of Nicky’s natural smile…finally! I love his CHEESE smile, but his real smile is even better. Yay!

IMG_9634 IMG_9579
IMG_9664 IMG_9704

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