IMG_9335 Nicky started preschool with the new year.  (Yes, we sent him to his first day of preschool in a Stanford sweatshirt, but no, it’s not meant to pressure him. He loves that sweatshirt because it’s his “fire man” sweatshirt and the hood is his fire man helmet.) I wish I could say that since he was used to being in daycare that preschool has been an easy transition for him, but it has been pretty hard.  Mornings have been tough with lots of tears and clinginess starting from the first mention of school and escalating as we get closer to the dreaded drop off.  Once he’s there, he reportedly does pretty well – he naps well and plays well but has a hard time with transitions between activities.  When I pick him up in the afternoons he isn’t desperate to leave and usually wants to show me what he was playing with and say goodbye to all the classroom animals before we leave.  I take these for good signs.  Luckily, he has a good friend in his class who has been so sweet in helping Nicky get acclimated.  Every day is getting a little bit easier but these first few days have been pretty scary for our little guy.

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