Visiting Santa

Nicky was SO excited to see Santa this weekend. For several days before he kept asking to see Santa. When the day finally came he couldn’t stand to be in line waiting and kept saying “Nicky’s turn” and “I want to sit”. He had a plan to tell Santa “ho, ho, ho, merry christmas!”. By the time we got to the front of the line I could barely restrain him from running up to Santa and ruining the nice picture that was being taken of the family in front of us in line. It was finally our turn and he walked confidently up to Santa…until Santa moved his hands. That was the point when Nicky realized Santa was a real man, not a lawn decoration. And he would. not. go. any. closer. We tried to lure him in close enough for a picture by offering a chance to pat Santa’s knee and even used baby Kate as bait but he wouldn’t be fooled. He conceded one fist bump from a safe distance but that was all we got. Baby Kate, on the other hand, cooperated perfectly.


[flickr video=6501862291]

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