Doctor Visit

Nicky and Kate had a joint visit to the doctor this week.  Nicky for his 2 year check up and Kate for her 1 month.  The kids did great until the dreaded S-H-O-T-S.  The first prick didn’t even faze Nicky and I thought we would make it out of there all in one piece.  Not so the second – he definitely felt that one and lost it immediately.  Then it was baby sister’s turn.  The needle had barely touched her skin when she turned bright red and started Screaming. Bloody. Murder.  So there we were: one mommy holding two screaming kiddles both of whom were mad as heck.  But somehow we did end up making it out alive. 

Official stats:
Kate – 22.9 inches (91st percentile) and 9 lbs 15 ounces (63rd percentile)
Nick – 36.5 inches (92nd percentile) and 30 lbs 9 ounces (80th percentile)

Interesting tidbit: based on an online height predictor calculator (I’m sure very reliable), my little Nicky will grow up to be 6’3″. I guess not surprising given his genes, but I remember when he was less than 2 feet tall. How is it possible that he’ll ever be taller than me?

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